Let's Grow Together Sustainably

We provide a comprehensive consulting support and service for fertilizer recommendation along with best suited cultivation techniques, supported with our robust distribution network

We fight for sustainable agriculture!

Agrivere is  a company of agriculture trading, agriculture consulting, and fertilizer manufacturing that is established with a vision to bring about sustainable agriculture in the modern era 

With the vision in mind, we make our best effort in providing the best agriculture products and services that would grow not just the people trusting us, but also the society and environment that are involved.

Products and Services

Comprehensive variety of fertilizeres that include microbial, organic, and inorganic (NPK, straight fertilizers, micronutreints)

Agronomy and environmental consulting service, along with the service of national product registration for fertilizer categories

Digitalization of agribusiness system that range from sales, marketing, and advertising

Our Facilities & Markets


We provide high quality fertilizers both as raw materials and ready-to-use products

With through inspection and high quality control, we procure and sell high quality fertilizer materials from domestic and overseas suppliers. Our goal is to increase fertilizer efficiency with products range from organic and chemical fertilizers such as NPKs, straight fertilizers, and micronutrients. All are made available upon your request.